What to say for this blog post. This girl right here shares a spot with her sister as being my ride or dies. I have known Lacey for about 7 years now and I have seen her and Zach grow into the couple they are today. When I was asked to capture one of my best friend's most special milestone in her life, I could not contain my excitement. Zach did a wonderful job of making sure their whole family was there to whiteness him pop the question. So congrats to you Lace and Zach!! I wish you both happiness. 

side note: Why do my best friends produce such cute children? 

Tabor Wedding: Dale Hollow Lake

I am pretty partial to this family, so when the chance came for Marty and Kendra to finally tie the Knot (lol) I was glad to help. Kendra's daughters have both been my best friends since freshman year of college and I have spent most of my summers with them on their family's houseboat down at Dale Hollow Lake. This is where Marty and Kendra met and this is where they wanted to get married. We spent the weekend playing in the water, whether it was on a jet ski, or heading towards Star Pointe and swinging off the rope swing. When Sunday came around, we sat on the top deck and witnessed Marty and Kendra exchange vows. It was a small private ceremony that lasted about 10 min. With just family surround by them, they sealed it with a kiss. Once the toast was made and the cake was ate, they jumped off the top deck into the water. I myself sat my camera down and plunged into the refreshing water, dress and all. Needless to say it was yet another fun weekend at my favorite place with some of my favorite people. 


Sara & Jacob

Back in my Under Armor days, Sara and I worked together. We would stand and fold t-shirts and talk about our significant others on the daily. She use to tell me about Jacob and how much she missed him. Jacob was in the Marines and stationed out in California. He has now been home for 3 months and in that time period he got down on one knee and asked Sara to marry him. We decide to take a trip to Anderson Falls for pictures and I was happy to have a little helper, Nevan. Nevan is Sara's little boy and he was a joy to be around. He loved showing off his big muscles and had no problem playing in the creek. With a mixture of engagement photos and family ones, you can see the love between the three of them. Congrats Sara & Jacob! I look forward to capturing your big day next summer. 

Robison Wedding

Lydia and Andrew were so much fun on their big day. It was a stress-free atmosphere and so much love in the air. I was graced with the honor to first capture them last summer in their engagement photos. Even then you could see their personalities come out in their photos. They didn’t just pose for me, they played around with each other. If it wasn’t Lydia sticking her tongue out it was Andrew doing a pelvic thrust in the air.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but I will let the photos tell their story. . .